Handling your feedback

As part of our quality management procedure, we developed a system to collect any kind of feedback on our work. Your suggestions should be for the benefit of all our educational seminars’ participants. But how does that system work?

Everyone appreciates a pat on the back and so do we, of course. So if you enjoyed our seminars, your positive feedback will indicate that things are developing in the right direction.

In order to pursue the development of our activities, your suggestions are always welcome. We will try to implement them as far as possible, if in accordance with public funding directives.

Sometimes criticism might be necessary as well. Whenever we receive feedback of this kind, it will be discussed and carefully dealt with by our experienced staff, especially regarding future events.

Throughout the entire seminar, the educator in charge –or a conference leader instead- will be available to receive your suggestions and feedback.

At the end of each seminar, all participants get the opportunity to state their opinion during a feedback session and to fill in a questionnaire anonymously – another way to provide us with your impressions.

Your feedback is very important because it might lead us to get in touch with third parties or institutions involved and let them know about your suggestions or points of criticism. Primary purpose is always the improvement of our seminars.

Aside from the possibilities mentioned above, please feel free to send us your feedback anytime later. In cases of formal complaints, a prompt investigation and an appropriate personal reply are warranted.

Consequently, we are always striving to improve our work and to seize your suggestions. For any further questions on the handling of your feedback, please do not hesitate to contact our quality manager, Mr. Oliver Krauß (via phone: 0221/669975-24 or via email: o.krauss@karl-arnold-stiftung.eu).

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